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Before and After - The Spearmint Rhino

Commercial Spot

With this client, Rombu was presented with a challenge. The Spearmint Rhino gentleman's club had grown to become the largest and most successful gentleman's club in the world, with over 50 locations in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. The problem was that advertising for gentleman's clubs tended to be tacky and of poor taste. In fact, the trend for such advertising is so tawdry that most networks refuse to even deal with the ads, or limit them to extremely late night broadcasting. Our challenge was to create a spot that was neither tacky or crude, create brand awareness, and can be shown during primetime television. What we came up with is the "What Is Spearmint Rhino?" campaign that marks the first ever gentleman's club commercial that doesn't depict women.


This commercial aired on national, primetime television and won a Telly Award for its unique approach to advertising.

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