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Yo Soy Cuba Sostenible





Rombu Creative is proud to announce the beginning of preproduction for their documentary film project "Yo Soy Cuba Sostenible".


Rombu's Creative Director, Derek Doublin, who is coming straight off the heels of his latest documentary short, "The Lower 9th Ward: Rightfully Returned" which was comissioned by the National Sierra Club and can be seen here, will be directing the film. Ray Prewitt will be producing. The film is currently considered to be in the research and development phase with principle photography slated for 2017-2018.


The goal of this documentary film is to gather various perspectives from native Cubans about the impending onslaught of American tourism, its effects on Cuba’s undeveloped land, as well as the nation’s changing efforts to build a sustainable and environmentally stable future.




Over the last two decades, Cuba has taken steps to preserve its natural resources and promote sustainable development. And Cuba’s green sensitivities evolved as much out of necessity as ideology. The collapse of the Soviet bloc in 1991 and the continued isolation by the United States forced the country to fend for itself. Without access to the tools of big agriculture — fuel for heavy machinery, chemical fertilizers, pesticides —farming moved away from the increased sugar production that characterized the Soviet era, turning more to organic techniques and cooperatives of small farmers. Oxen replaced tractors, and even today, a farmer walking behind his plow is a common sight in Cuba.


Environmentally conscious decisions have quickly become a staple of the Cuban people, penetrating every aspect of life, from the cherished national parks which have been protected and preserved by the government to regulations that govern the management of the coastal zones. Even green building has surged, with many new homes being built or renovated using ecomaterials. These materials include micro-concrete roofing tiles; lime-pozzolana cement (CP-40); pre-cast hollow concrete blocks; low-energy fired clay bricks using bio-wastes as fuel; and bamboo.


With relations between the United States and Cuba defrosting and investment interest building for the island in the U.S. and beyond, Cuba is at a crossroads. Will its tropical coastlines soon be home to towering cruise ships and sprawling resorts, or is there a more sustainable way forward for a nation that cares deeply about its unique natural heritage?


Cuba’s approach to conservation and environmental protection is already a model for other Caribbean nations. The country is now positioned to be a regional model also for sustainable economic development. By scaling up its small and exclusive ecotourism industry, Cuba can stimulate investment and create jobs, while preserving the coral reefs and big fish that make it one of the world’s most special places.




Producer: Ray Prewitt

Director: Derek Doublin

Director of Photography: James Mills

Line Producer: Vanessa Bonet

Production/Art Designer: Chris Castleberry

Wetlands & Marine Consultant: Kristi Shaw

Green Building Consultant: Sara Schmidt

Renewable Energy Consultant: Roger Jennings





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