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Guitar Hero 5 - Naked People

Commercial Spot

This spot has generated almost 4 million hits on Youtube and was dubbed the: “best minute of viral marketing EVER” by the LA Times.  Click to see the proof.  


Or just check out the youtube video on the Youtube Page.


Guitar Hero needed to get eyeballs on the setlist for the 13th iteration of the iconic game.  The problem?  The core audience had been over saturated, they’d stopped  paying attention.  The solution:  Absurd humor, beautiful models, and clever use of motion tracking.  They wanted something that had the potential to go “viral.” On the day of its release, the video became an instant news story and was featured across multiple mediums (television, radio, and the internet) globally.


Truly viral, the spot generated over 4 million hits on Youtube alone. The total view count to date, across all web platforms, is well over 15 million globally.

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