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Swimwear - Hey! Hello!

Music Video

This music video was shot for the hit band Hey! Hello! whose 2013 album debuted at #12 in the U.K. and then quickly to moved to #1, outselling both Daft Punk and Justin TImberlake.


For the special FX, individual frames of this video were printed out onto over 3,000 sheets of recycled paper. From there, each piece of paper was crushed, shredded, burned, chewed up, spit out, sunburned, sandblasted, scratched, stained, torn and taped. Each sheet was then painstakingly recaptured frame by frame and reinserted into the video, juxtaposed against footage from a Red Epic camera. All the paper used was immediately recycled after post production was completed. Directed by Derek Doublin with the cinematography by James Mills.  Produced by Rombu Creative LLC.

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